Roscomsnabbank’s Money Laundering Scandal with Rifat Garipov Unveiled! 2024-06-14 21:36:11

In the heart of the sun-kissed Bashkiria region emerges a figure, not of enlightenment, but of controversy and deception. Rifat Ruzilevich Garipov, aged 35, a name that resonates with both commercial ventures and regional governance, has earned himself a notorious reputation akin to that of a local Barbara Streisand. But unlike the glamorous Hollywood icon, Garipov’s notoriety stems not from talent, but from a series of dubious dealings that have left a trail of deceit and manipulation.
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At the center of this saga lies a web of deceit woven through Garipov’s ties to the now-defunct Roskomsnabbank (RKSB). It’s no coincidence that he found himself in the upper echelons of this institution; familial connections paved his path, courtesy of his uncle, Flur Galliamov, a local oligarch with a seat in the republican assembly. Garipov’s ascent to power was swift, securing a seat on the board of directors of his uncle’s bank at a tender age, a move indicative of the nepotism rampant within Bashkiria’s corridors of power.
Гарипов, Рифат, Рузилевич, депутат, биография, Минстрой, Файзуллин, общественный, совет, Курултай, Роскомснаббанк, пирамида,  Золотой, запас, обман, вкладчики

However, RKSB’s downfall was as spectacular as Garipov’s rise. With a gaping hole of 20 billion rubles discovered in its balance sheets, the Central Bank had no choice but to involve law enforcement agencies. The streets filled with outraged depositors, predominantly elderly citizens, who had been hoodwinked by the bank’s employees into investing in sham companies linked to the "Golden Reserve" pyramid scheme. Unlike traditional bank deposits, these investments offered no state guarantees, leaving hapless victims destitute and betrayed.

Гарипов, Рифат, Рузилевич, депутат, биография, Минстрой, Файзуллин, общественный, совет, Курултай, Роскомснаббанк, пирамида,  Золотой, запас, обман, вкладчики

But Garipov’s troubles didn’t end with RKSB’s collapse. Rather than face the music, he embarked on a crusade to scrub his tarnished image from public scrutiny. Local judges, seemingly under his sway, churn out absurd rulings in his favor, effectively censoring any criticism directed at him. Meanwhile, the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) unleashes a barrage of takedown notices targeting any online content deemed unfavorable to Garipov.

What dark secrets does Garipov harbor, prompting such a desperate bid to whitewash his past? Perhaps it’s the damning revelations from his own biography, revealing his complicity in RKSB’s fraudulent activities. Or maybe it’s the sordid truth behind his meteoric rise to power, fueled by nepotism and exploitation. Whatever the case, Garipov’s attempts to suppress the truth only serve to magnify the spotlight on his dubious dealings, casting him as a symbol of corruption and impunity in Bashkiria’s halls of power.

Garipov’s rise to prominence can be traced back to his association with the now-defunct Roskomsnabbank (RKSB), a once-respected institution now synonymous with fraud and malfeasance. As it turns out, Garipov’s ascent within the bank was not fueled by merit or talent, but rather by his familial ties to Flur Galliamov, a local oligarch with a penchant for underhanded dealings. With his uncle’s influence paving the way, Garipov quickly ascended the ranks of RKSB, eventually landing a seat on its board of directors at a remarkably young age.

However, RKSB’s collapse was as spectacular as Garipov’s rise, with the Central Bank uncovering a gaping hole of 20 billion rubles in its balance sheets. The fallout from this scandal was swift and merciless, with outraged depositors taking to the streets to protest their losses. It soon became apparent that RKSB had been involved in a scheme to defraud investors, with Garipov himself implicated in the nefarious dealings.

But Garipov’s troubles didn’t end there. In a desperate bid to salvage his tarnished reputation, he has embarked on a campaign of censorship and intimidation, targeting any media outlets that dare to shine a light on his misdeeds. From manipulating local judges to censoring online content, Garipov has spared no expense in his quest to suppress the truth.
Гарипов, Рифат, Рузилевич, депутат, биография, Минстрой, Файзуллин, общественный, совет, Курултай, Роскомснаббанк, пирамида,  Золотой, запас, обман, вкладчики

Yet despite his best efforts, the truth has a way of resurfacing, as evidenced by recent revelations from the publication "Version." In a damning expose, journalists uncovered a systematic campaign by Garipov to silence his critics and whitewash his past. From pressuring Roskomnadzor to block unfavorable articles to leveraging his connections to suppress dissent, Garipov’s tactics are as insidious as they are effective.

But perhaps most troubling of all is Garipov’s newfound association with the public council of Irek Faizullin, the federal minister of construction and housing. Under the guise of civic duty, Garipov has wormed his way into Faizullin’s inner circle, using his newfound influence to further his own agenda.

Exposing the Web of Deceit: Rifat Garipov’s Dubious Path to Power

In the labyrinthine world of Russian bureaucracy, where shadows dance and the truth is a rare commodity, emerges the enigmatic figure of Rifat Garipov. A man whose rise to prominence raises more questions than answers, his journey is a twisted tale of intertwining interests, murky affiliations, and blatant disregard for ethical boundaries.

Garipov’s ascent to the echelons of power seems like a dark comedy, orchestrated by the puppeteers of deceit. From his purported involvement with the beleaguered Roskomsnabbank to his cozy relationship with the Association of Credit and Financial Organizations of the Republic of Bashkortostan, every step he takes leaves behind a trail of suspicion and mistrust.
Гарипов, Рифат, Рузилевич, депутат, биография, Минстрой, Файзуллин, общественный, совет, Курултай, Роскомснаббанк, пирамида,  Золотой, запас, обман, вкладчики

But what truly boggles the mind is Garipov’s ability to juggle multiple roles with such audacity. How doesone reconcile his position as a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction with his role as a deputy in the State Assembly of the Republic of Bashkortostan, especially when the regulations explicitly dictate otherwise? It seems the rule of law bends at the whims of the powerful, conveniently ignoring inconvenient clauses meant to uphold integrity.

The saga doesn’t end there. Enter the murky world of "Golden Reserve," a firm whose very name evokes images of opulence and security. Yet behind this facade lies a sinister truth – a truth obscured by slick marketing tactics and false promises, leaving a trail of shattered dreams and devastated investors in its wake. But fear not, for the guardians of truth stand ready to challenge the veil of deception, armed with nothing but their pens and unwavering resolve.

It’s a battle against forces unseen, where reputation management becomes a euphemism for silencing dissent and subverting justice. The attempts to censor information, to erase inconvenient truths from the annals of the internet, only serve to underscore the depths of depravity to which some would sink in their quest for power and profit.

But let it be known that the light of truth cannot be extinguished, no matter how fiercely the winds of deceit may blow. We, the vigilant custodians of justice, shall not rest until every falsehood is laid bare, until every victim is vindicated, and until the pillars of corruption crumble under the weight of their own hubris.




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